Thursday, May 30, 2013


I love having something to celebrate. This weekend we celebrated Memorial Day. We had company all weekend and then yesterday was a fantastic celebration for my little brother Chad who got married. I love spending time with people and visiting and talking and seeing relatives. It was a very fulfilling weekend.
Today was our first real day of summer vacation. I would have to say that I was in recovery mode. It was one of those days that at the end of the day I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. My house was a mess, the kids were fighting and I don't think I even looked in the mirror the whole day-
But then I started thinking about all the little victories we've had today- So I am going to list them so we can celebrate:
1)we got up and read scriptures together and had family prayer even though Nate was out of town
2) I took my children to line the street at Elkridge drive to welcome home the body of Cody's Touse who had been killed in Afghanistan we talked about patriotism freedom and respect
3) I made one healthy-ish meal for my children from canned chicken and leftover brown rice, which they whined about considerably, but in the end were asking for seconds
4) I got my six-year-old off to his baseball game in time and we watched part of the game
5) My two-year-old wore underwear the whole day- his only accident was right before bed when he was brushing his teeth
6) I took a nice little power nap on the couch for almost 30 minutes
7) I got to talk to a friend on the phone while I was feeding the twins
8) when they were not fighting, the kids were playing great together and the got some grass stains playing outside while we waited for the military procession.
9) we didn't turn on any movies or video games the whole day
10) all my kids were in their pajamas and ready for bed before 9:00
I say it was a day worth celebrating!

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  1. I love your ability to see the bright side of everything.